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Hi! Thank you for visiting my page.


I've been a professional massage therapist since starting out in Santa Monica in 2007 although my talent for massage dates back to my high school years. Thankfully professional training has a way of enhancing natural ability! Many of my clients have remarked that my hands have a natural warmth and intuitive guidance that gives me an advantage in the field. 


I'm watching the way you move from the first moment, inquiring about and listening to your needs, both spoken and unspoken, looking into your past and reviewing how you spend your days to discover the resulting effect on your body. My work manages a wide range of requests, from simple relaxation to the desire for realignment of the body in relation to gravity, to assisting in the healing process from injury.


During a session I'm delving deeper to explore your soft tissue on many levels, always searching for pressure and technique to which you respond best. Your body gives me the cues, its my job to be alert and follow them to unlock more range of motion, comfort and ease of movement for your in your body.


Over all my approach is competent and client centered resulting from a dozen years working in service driven businesses in New York City.  My commitment is to you, to your health, relaxation and structural well being.