Hey Oak! Must thank you once again for our sessions this trip. You are a master my friend and it is great to see you in such a good place in your life. Know I will be checking your availability before booking any trips to PV!


- Monte, a long time visitor of Puerto Vallarta from South Orange, NJ



"Oak, thank you for the massage yesterday.  It was the best I've every had and I appreciate the work that you do." 

- Mark visiting Puerto Vallarta from Boston



"Hello, I wanted to comment on Oak's professionalism and mastery of his therapeutic massage techniques. I have enjoyed a variety of massage techniques in my life and I have traveled from Alaska to Hawaii (to include the lower 48 states), and have found him to be one of the BEST (Top 3) I have ever encountered. With very few words exchanged before and during my 3 two hour sessions, he intuitively knew where to go and find my troubled areas. PV, Jalisco, Mexico is lucky to have such a grand therapeutic LMT."  


- Jesus, timeshare holder visiting Puerto Vallarta from Denver



"Oak, you are the best massage therapist I have ever had. You knew just what to do. I had shoulder pain for over 2 years, and you were able to bed rid of it. Thanks so much for your magical hands. Can't wait to see you again."


- Doug, timeshare holder visiting Puerto Vallarta from Denver



"It feels like you go to heaven for a while, and then you float around all day afterwards. The perfect amount of pressure on the right spot everytime. Plan to get one every week!"


- Natalia in Puerto Vallarta



"I recently returned from a week vacation in Puerto Vallarta. While there I had 3 incredible 2 hour massages from Oak. I get a lot of massage work and am very picky. Oak's work is exactly what I was looking for. Great deep tissue with perfect pressure. His work is very specific and comes from a great understanding of the body. The best thing I can say is that you will feel changed for the better after a session with him. I can't recommend him highly enough. Puerto Vallarta is lucky to have him."


- Dan visiting Puerto Vallarta from Seattle



"I melted like butter! Oak's technique is precise and thorough. Best massage therapist.
I highly recommend Oak."


- Alma in Puerto Vallarta



"Thanks so much for the terrific massage. I have not felt this good in a long time, you are truly a professional. I will come see you again on my next trip."


- Dan visiting Puerto Vallarta from Indiana



"I indulge in the luxury of massage often.  As a result, I have known many massage therapists.  Oak is one of the most talented I have known.  He seems to have X-ray vision of knowing just the places that need most attention, and the skill to know exactly how much pressure is needed to work through the trouble spots."  


- Elizabeth in Santa Monica, California



"Oak gives wonderful massages: very soothing. He knows how to find the kinks in your body and get rid of them so that you leave the table feeling renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend him."  


- Tom in Brentwood, California



"In the 10+ yrs. I've been getting massages, I have never met someone who was able to get to the root of my muscle aches until I got a massage from Oak. Hands-down the best massage I've ever had." 


- A.R. in Santa Monica, California



"Oak is truly a gifted massage therapist. He is wonderful at getting into the kinks and easing out the knots in a very relaxed way!"  


- Cecilia in Santa Monica, California